​​​Downtown Parking​

Although we take over the streets to play ball, we try to keep open access to many downtown parking garages. Just remember, with 250,000 people flocking into the city each day, spots are going to be a little tight so try to carpool when you can! 




Contact the garages for information and pricing:

1. Bank of America
Parking Garage
(509) 624-3100 or 
(509) 344-3625

2. River Park Square
Parking Garage
(509) 747-8056 

3. Parkade Parking Garage
(509) 747-7021 

4. City Ramp Parking Garage
(509) 624-1313

​5. Diamond Parking
RV parking available! Call for 
details and locations
(509) 747-8144​

​If you elect to park on the street, please remember that all posted parking signs must be obeyed and meter hours are 8 am to 7 pm on Saturday.